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Hello, first of all, my name is Johnny, I am a professional photographer who specializes in natural light photography My most brilliant works are wedding and family shoots focusing on natural and relaxed settings. I am very passionate about results and about making my clients happy and comfortable throughout the shoot.

I’m a father of one very active little boy named Aaron, who is 7. At last count, I have over 21K photos of Aaron. My true passion is my son, Aaron and my wife-to-be, Claire. (‘Elephant Shoe’ to you both!)

I LOVE shooting outdoors. I want people to be relaxed, fun, sense of humour, open, and be more natural. I don’t want anyone to worry about posing or putting fake smiles in front of me, just be yourself as I will be there as a professional photographer to capture you at your best. I like to keep things as natural as possible.

To get a better idea of my wedding shooting style, check out wedding and Pre-wedding

Being a wedding photographer is a big responsibility. It comes with a sense of expectation on the part of the bride and groom who want the biggest day of their lives to be captured in a professional manner and to reflect the joy and expectation that they feel at the start of their marriage. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I believe the secret to a harmonious relationship with bride and groom is to be organized and prepared.


When I meet the bride and groom before the day, I get an idea of what they want. On the day itself, it is often the wedding party or the families that can be difficult to get together so I rely on the best man or the matron-of-honour to do the running about. Once I have everyone together I can get the shots I need. My style is not only on the formal wedding shots which are the staple of any wedding album, but also the relaxed, informal pre-wedding shoot where the subtle detail and the happy atmosphere are often best captured.

“Elephant Shoe” is a phrase I have always loved because when you lip read someone saying this you see “I love you” Elephant Shoe is a cute fun way of saying “I love you” try it out today without using your voice!

Thank you for taking your time, and hope this will give enough information.

Elephant Shoe


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