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Preparing for your Wedding

First, your husband-to-be has gotten down on one knee and made you the happiest person in the world... Now the real excitement starts and the planning of your wedding.

All couples want their day to be special and that takes lots of planning...

Firstly, take your time. You only get to plan your wedding once. So, make sure it is relaxed...

Decide on the kind of celebration you want and don’t feel pressurised. Allow your wedding to be the way you choose.

Decide on your budget and how much you can afford to spend. One of the biggest factors in a wedding budget is the number of guests.

Think long and hard on the style of dress you want. The way to go, is a dress that is comfortable and makes you feel like a million dollars... Choose a trusted hair stylist and make-up artist. Make a visit prior to the wedding day.

The most important thing is that your wedding day is very special, and you look forward to it being the happiest and relaxing day, celebrating with family and friends.

Why not enjoy choosing a wedding planner to customise your special day?

I would be only delighted to arrange to meet and discuss your wedding plans, to make your wedding memorable.

Sincerely, Frances

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